Gordon Setters

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Amber (Inkersall Woodlark at Somerled) aged 7 years.

Amber (Inkersall Woodlark) gave birth to a beautiful litter 25.9.2004 to Int Ch, DtCh,(VDH), Dt Sh Ch, Pl Ch Gordon's Dream Admire.

Somerled Sea of Dreams (Isla) is held in partnership with  Sue Brophy and lives in Ireland. Bailey (Somerled Dreams Come True) is held in partnership with Silvia Timmerman and lives in Germany. Their pedigree is below the pictures. Pictured below is Bailey aged 2.


 Pictured below is Isla.

Somerled Dreams Come True (Bailey)

Their Mum- Amber

 IntCh, DtCh,(VDH), DtShCh, PlCh Gordon's Dream Admire

IntCh,DtCh,(VDH),DtScCh Camelot's Prince Country Squire Quint Vom Frohnhof
Tina Vom Frohnhof
IntCh, DtCh,(VDH),DtScCh Inkersall Gordon's Dream Sh Ch Balcroft Busker
Inkersall Alpine Swift

Inkersall Woodlark

BOB Crufts 1999&2003 Sh Ch Florcott Am Grantach Inkersall Redstart
Inkersall Carolina Duck at Florcott
Inkersall Jenny Wren Fairray Ocean of Inkersall
Inkersall Virginian Quail